Show 2014


After a couple of successful shows at Highgate Wood school I have decided to hire out a proper theatre for the show this year.

In my opinion performing in a proper theatre is such a magical experience and one I would like to give all the pupils at REO Dance

To hire the theatre for the day was extremely expensive. However I am hoping this is going to be a magical and memorable experience for your child. Please bring as many family members and friends along to support the show.

The dress rehearsal will be on the same day as the show. Once the children are dropped off at the theatre they will be designated a chaperone that they must then stay with. For safety and so as I can keep account of everyone children will not be allowed to leave the theatre after they have been signed in. This means they will not be allowed out in the break between the dress rehearsal and the show. (I am happy for the children in the Friday 10.30am class and Wednesday 3.30pm class to go out and see parents in the break. However you must notify the chaperone if you are taking your child out.) Please provide your child with a packed lunch and plenty of snacks and water.

The children will not be dancing the whole day and will be given lots of chances to rest and to watch the other classes perform. I am hoping that it will be a day of dancing fun for everyone!

Tickets will be on sale from Monday 2nd of June. The price of tickets will be £6 for children, £12 for adults and a family ticket for £30 (2 adults, 2 children). As the show is in a theatre this year there will be no restricted views however I will allocate tickets on a first come first served basis starting from the front row.

The way I am going to sell the tickets this year is by asking you to do a bank transfer with your child’s name and the number of tickets next to the name and then I can hand the tickets out. Please note when you do this put your child’s full name and what type of ticket you would like eg ‘1xf 2xa 1xc’ for 1 family ticket, 2 adult tickets and 1 child ticket.

Please do not buy tickets before the 2nd of June.

Bank details are HSBC bank, account number 02041596 sort code 400327
There will also be some tickets available on the day on the door.

All pupils will have the chance to have their photo taken in their costume which will then be available to purchase on the day of the show. Photos will take place in class time during the week of 16th-20th of June. For ballet classes please come with a hair in a bun, this will be a good chance for you to practice doing buns before the show! For street dance pupil’s I will discuss hair options with the class.

There will be a small fee of £10 per child for costume hire fee (£5 for Wednesday 3.30pm class and Friday 10.30am class). Please bring this to class in an envelope with your child’s name on after half term.

Ballet pupils should come to the theatre on the day of the show with their hair in a proper bun with hair grips, hair net and gel/hairspray. All other pupil’s should come with their hair done as they have been instructed (this has still to be discussed!)

As the show is in a theatre this year there will be proper stage lights used. In order to highlight faces on the stage I would like the pupil’s to wear some make up. For pupils in tinies, pre-primary and primary this is optional. For all other classes girls should wear blue/green eye shadow, red lipstick and bronzer/blusher.

All pupils should come to the theatre with hair and makeup done and all the correct shoes/socks/tights. Please also bring spare hair things and make up. (If you have 2 children with different arrival times they are welcome to both come together at the earlier time and watch the older sibling rehearse).

9.45am – year 5&6 street dance pupils, Wednesday 6.15pm class, Monday 5.45pm class
10.45am – year 3&4 street dance pupils, Monday 4.45pm class, Wednesday 5.15pm class
1.00pm – Wednesday 3.30pm class, Friday 10.30am class, Wednesday 4.00pm class

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions/queries about the show or rehearsal.

Many thanks,
Ruth Orr